HMC Acclaimed for Its High Diagnostic Accuracy

The road to recovery relies on many factors, and any treatment’s success is highly effected by the person who is treating you. HMC’s medical staff consists of Israel’s leading specialists in all fields of medicine, assuring you the highest level of treatment available. Herzliya Medical Center grants you the unique opportunity of choosing the specialist you wish to see prior to you arrival to Israel.

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When a brain tumor is discovered, urgent medical intervention is often necessary in order to prevent permanent damage to the brain, one... read more
There are a number of types of brain tumors, which differ based on certain characteristics, among them: the origin of the tumor,... read more
Neuropathic pain is pain that results from disturbances in the nervous system. This kind of pain can progress to the point that... read more
The sagittal suture is located at the top part of the skull and runs lengthwise between the anterior and posterior fontanels (which... read more
Disruption of the function of a specific nerve can sometimes result in the development of neuralgic pain, which is pain that is... read more
The peripheral nervous system is made up of a very large number of nerves, nerve fibers and nerve endings, all of which... read more
The coronal suture makes up a significant portion of the junction between the bones of the crown and the bones of the... read more
Meningiomas are a common brain tumor, and while most are benign, they can be the source of very serious side effects. In... read more
Much like in every other cell or tissue in our bodies, the cells of our nervous system can develop tumors as well,... read more
Craniosynostosis, a condition characterized by premature fusion of the sutures between the various bones of the skull can occur at one suture... read more
Cavernous malformations of the brain are benign tumors that develop from the blood vessels in the brain. Despite the fact that they... read more
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