HMC Acclaimed for Its High Diagnostic Accuracy

The road to recovery relies on many factors, and any treatment’s success is highly effected by the person who is treating you. HMC’s medical staff consists of Israel’s leading specialists in all fields of medicine, assuring you the highest level of treatment available. Herzliya Medical Center grants you the unique opportunity of choosing the specialist you wish to see prior to you arrival to Israel.

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The treatment of brain tumors in children is considered to be a relatively complex endeavor, particularly because of communication barriers that can... read more
There are more than 200 types of cancer, and the common feature of all of them is the unregulated development of certain... read more
Hydrocephalus, also known as “water on the brain”, is a disease that results from an increase in the amount of fluid in... read more
The peripheral nervous system, which is derived from the spinal cord and branches to form hundreds and thousands of nerve fibers, is... read more
The pineal gland is a tiny gland found behind the hemispheres, meaning in the rear part of the brain. It is one... read more
Cauda Equina syndrome is considered to be a severe neurological condition, the discovery of which almost always requires prompt surgical intervention. The... read more
What is a hemifacial spasm? By definition, a spasm is the involuntary activity of a muscle or group of muscles in the... read more
In modern medicine, operations on the lumbar spine and lower back are performed quite frequently. Many of these operations focus on treatment... read more
A prolapsed disc in the lumbar spine is an orthopedic medical condition related to the structure and function of the spinal column... read more
Gliomas are some of the most common tumors in the central nervous system. Gliomas develop from glial cells, which are cells that... read more
Neuropathy is a condition that prevents nerves from working properly. It can cause paralysis in a case of complete laceration of nerve,... read more
The lambdoid suture is the suture that separates between the bones of the back part of the crown and the bone of... read more
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